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Our handymen are skilled in a wide range of assembling, hanging and fixing jobs. 

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What sets our handymen apart?

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We take the stress out of finding a local handyman. When you book a handyman through us, you don’t need to worry about asking about previous work or their experience, as we’ve already done that.

All the handymen who work with us go through a rigorous vetting process, including visits of their previous works.  

They don’t do blind fittings or hang curtains. 

Although handymen and carpenters have very similar skills, a carpenter will be more suited to constructing furniture, especially in wood. If you’re looking for someone to give you a bespoke design and build for your furniture, or you need your doors planed or fitted, book our carpenters instead. 

How much do our handymen cost?

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Our handymen are booked at an estimated price.

An estimated price is an estimate of labour. It doesn’t include parts, parking charges, or any extra labour that may be needed. Your trade will discuss any price amendments with you and you’ll be asked to agree the amendment before any work goes ahead.

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