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Maidstone Landscaper Services

Our landscapers in the Maidstone area do a wide range of jobs, including large projects like complete garden makeovers or smaller jobs like installing new fences or garden gates. 

Our trades can help you with -

  • Building and maintaining outside walls
  • Outdoor buildings, including sheds
  • Designing and building your garden
  • New driveways
  • Replacing patio
  • Installing new fences
  • Installing security gates
  • Complete garden makeovers
  • Laying new lawn

All of our Maidstone Landscapers

Go through a rigorous 5-stage vetting process
Have their previous works inspected by specialists
Are backed by a 12-month John Lewis guarantee

Finding a local landscaper in Maidstone

Landscapers in Maidstone

Are you looking for an experienced, skilled and highly-rated landscaper in Maidstone? Finding the right expert to help you make the most of your outdoor spaces can be a real chore, but Home Solutions from John Lewis can make it quick and easy. With fully-qualified landscapers all over the Maidstone area, we can supply the help you need at a date and time to suit you. Simply select the service you have in mind, choose a time slot, and we will make sure your job is finished to an excellent standard - we guarantee it.

Outdoor spaces do more than simply provide space for gardening-hobbyists to exercise their green thumbs. For example, a patio could provide you with space to entertain guests, while a new garden wall could add security to your home. A new shed could also provide you with much-needed storage space. The right addition could even boost the overall value of your property. Not only can a landscaper help reshape your garden in this way, but they can also provide ideas and expertise to make sure you are getting as much from your project as possible. 

Home Solutions only works with the very best local landscapers. We put each of our partners through a strict five-stage vetting process to make sure they can meet our standards. This includes an examination of their past work, along with their qualifications, experience and customer reviews. To ensure you are completely happy with your service, we will also provide you with a 12-month guarantee.

Wherever you are in the Maidstone area, Home Solutions has you covered. Our landscapers are available in central areas like Hunton, Yalding, Bearsted, Otham, Farleigh, Malling, Weavering and Aylesford, as well as outer boroughs such as Gravesend, Dartford, Ditton, Wrotham Heath, Chatham, Rochester, Sevenoaks and Tonbridge.

Hire the right landscaper

As fun as gardening can be, actual landscaping work requires solid design skills, specialist equipment and a great deal of energy. Worse yet, spotting an amateur job can be fairly easy, especially for potential buyers or renters. 

A professional landscaper will not only have the training and experience required to get the job done, but they will also be able to source any necessary materials or equipment cheaply. They can even contribute design ideas, such as unique landscaping features or even local materials. If you want to really bring your vision to life, hiring a landscaper will be the way to go.

It goes without saying that landscapers have a great deal more training than the average person. They will usually complete either a certificate or diploma in horticulture to learn their trade, and many of the best candidates will have large picture portfolios of successful jobs.

An important thing to keep in mind is that, while landscapers have large skill sets, there are certain jobs which are best left to other professionals. General garden maintenance and waste clearance are services typically offered by gardeners. Similarly, electricians will take care of work relating to garden lighting, and plumbers will handle anything relating to garden water features.

How much do landscapers cost in Maidstone?

How much do landscapers cost in Maidstone?

Generally speaking, the exact cost of hiring a landscaper will mostly depend on size. This will let the landscaper know what each service will require in terms of time, materials and equipment. It is also worth remembering that the little details of a job can cause its final cost to stray far from any given ‘average’. A landscaper may need to charge extra for parking or poor access, or they may have higher rates for working on a weekend or public holiday. For certain features, they may need to bring in expensive materials or even additional expertise. In a nutshell, the cost of hiring a landscaper in Maidstone can vary significantly from the national average, so it is important to take any estimates you find online with a pinch of salt.

Home Solutions offers two payment options for landscaping services. The first is to book a service with a set cost, which you will be able to view on the John Lewis website. Option two will be to contact a landscaper directly through Home Solutions in order to discuss the details of your job. Once they know what the project will require, they will then be able to provide you with a bespoke quote. To help with this, they may well ask to visit your property in advance for an inspection.

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