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Ashford Locksmith Services

Our Ashford locksmiths do a wide range of jobs, including fitting traditional locks and keyless smart locks.

Our trades can help you with -

  • Replacing your door handles
  • Replacing your door locks
  • Installing a keyless smart lock
  • Replacing your window locks
  • Replacing your door handles

All of our Ashford Locksmiths

Go through a rigorous 5-stage vetting process
Have their previous works inspected by specialists
Are backed by a 12-month John Lewis guarantee

Finding a local locksmith in Ashford

Locksmiths in Ashford

On the lookout for an experienced locksmith in Ashford? Whatever kind of locksmithing services you need, Home Solutions from John Lewis can find you a fully qualified expert in no time at all. Simply select your service, pick a time slot, and we’ll take care of everything else. 

Whatever kind of property you live in, security should always be one of your biggest priorities. Trying DIY installation or repair work with your locks could not only end up damaging them, but it could also invalidate any insurance policies you have for your property. Whether you need help with older locks or brand new smart models, Home Solutions can provide you with your ideal locksmith in no time at all.

When you work with a Home Solutions locksmith, you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands. Each and every one of our locksmiths has gone through a strict five-stage vetting process to prove they meet our standards. We check their qualifications, experience, work quality, and even what their past customers have to say about them. Every single Home Solutions service is also covered by a 12-month guarantee - we are dedicated to making sure you are fully satisfied.

Our locksmiths are available all over the Ashford area. This includes outer areas such as Folkstone, Sandway, Bethersden, Kingsnorth, Smeeth, Smarden and Woodchurch, as well as central boroughs like Sevinngton, Hinhill, Kennington, Kingsnorth, Godinton and Beaver Green.

Hire the right locksmith

When it comes to home security, you can never be too careful. Unfortunately, even the most expensive and high-tech locks out there will be of little help if they are poorly installed. Almost all home insurance policies also specify that security features must be installed by professionals - otherwise, burglars can have a much easier time breaking in. 

To become qualified, locksmiths will usually complete a course accredited by the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA). Others will train directly with a company. All Home Solutions locksmiths are fully qualified to install, repair and even pick locks of various types and makes, including modern smart locks. We make sure they can deliver the quality our customers deserve, so you won’t ever have to worry.

How much do locksmiths cost in Ashford?

How much do locksmiths cost in Ashford?

When it comes to hiring a locksmith, it’s important not to rely too much on ‘average’ costs. The simple reason for this is that two similar services can be charged quite differently. Some locksmiths offer standardised costs, while others charge by the hour. A locksmith can also charge for extra materials or labour if necessary, as well as parking. Customers can even be charged more for services that take place during evenings, weekends or national holidays. Remember, with Home Solutions, all charges are made clear well in advance, so you will never have to face hidden costs.

When you book a Home Solutions service, you will have two options for payment. The first will be to book a service with a set cost, which can be viewed on the John Lewis website. If you have a larger project in mind, your best option will be to use Home Solutions to contact a locksmith to discuss pricing. Once your locksmith knows the details of the work you require, they will be able to come up with an accurate bespoke quote.

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