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Basingstoke Locksmith Services

Our locksmiths in the area near you in Basingstoke offer a wide range of services, including fixing locks which can't open, fitting new traditional locks and installing keyless smart locks.

Our trades can help you with -

  • Replacing door locks
  • Installing smart locks
  • Replacing window locks
  • Door and lock opening
  • Fixing faulty locks

All of our Basingstoke Locksmiths

Go through a rigorous 5-stage vetting process
Have their previous works inspected by specialists
Are backed by a 12-month John Lewis guarantee

Finding a local locksmith in Basingstoke


Are you in need of a professional and experienced locksmith for your Basingstoke property? Worried that if you get a sub-par locksmith, it might mean your home is not fully secure? Home Solutions from John Lewis has taken all that stress away. We offer a wide range of locksmith services to suit every need. Simply select the service you need and book a time slot that’s best for you and we can have one of our expert locksmiths at your door.

No matter the property, security is always important. Without proper training, your home may be left vulnerable and even your insurance invalidated when it comes to your property’s locks. Whether you need simple repairs or want an entirely new suite of locks installed around your property, Home Solutions has the locksmith for you. Our affiliated locksmiths even work with the latest smart locks available, like the Nest smart lock.

To be affiliated with Home Solutions, every tradesperson must first pass our stringent, five-stage vetting process to prove they meet our high standards. We take into account proof of qualifications and accreditations as well as past experience. We even obtain reviews from customers they have provided services for previously. This ensures their quality of work. We are so confident in our tradespeople that any work you receive through Home Solutions comes with a 12-month guarantee for complete satisfaction.

We cover the entirety of Basingstoke from the surrounding districts like Upton Grey, Dummer, Wolverton, Bagmore, Rotherwick, Winchfield, Overton and Bramley to areas in the heart of town including Hatch Warren, Old Basing, Chineham, Viables, South View, Oakridge Village, Andwell, Cliddesden and Broadmere.

Hire the right locksmith

Whilst DIY can be fun and even rewarding, locks and security are best left to a professional to ensure your property is fully safe and secure. Damage to locks and improper installation can leave your home vulnerable, so it pays to know it has been done right.

Every Home Solutions-affiliated locksmith has gone through extensive training to become an expert in their trade. They have either trained directly through a company or completed a Master Locksmith Association (MLA) accredited course before being allowed to work professionally.

It is important to provide all the information your locksmith may require ahead of time. Whilst our locksmiths are trained to work with a whole host of locks, niche and specialised locks may require specific training or specialist equipment. Knowing in advance what type of locks are in question will mean we can send the perfect locksmith that is fully prepared to tackle any issues you might have.

How much do locksmiths cost in Basingstoke?

How much do locksmiths cost

The cost of hiring a locksmith will ultimately depend on the specifics of the job. Additional costs can occur for multiple reasons. Extra labour, materials and temporary parking fares may be charged, if necessary. Also, if you require your locksmith to work over the weekend, through national holidays or after hours during the evening, it may mean you are charged more for the work you receive.

Payment for hiring a locksmith through Home Solutions falls into two categories. There are several simple jobs that come with standardised pricing for your convenience. However, larger jobs and more complicated tasks may mean it is easier to contact us directly. Discussing details and gathering the relevant information will allow your locksmith to calculate a bespoke quote for the work you require. It may also be necessary for a locksmith to visit your property in advance. This will be to inspect damage, for example, assess what needs to be done.

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