How do our pricing and charges works?

Our costs are transparent and we only charge when we're done



Our costs are transparent so you always know when you’ll be getting charged and how, and you won’t need to pay anything until the job is completed.

When you book one of our trades for a job through our website or app, this will be offered to you as either an estimated price or a free quote, with the exception of painting and decorating.

Painting jobs are booked as £30 quotes. For £30, one of our specialist decorators will come by, take a look at the job and discuss all of the details with you. If you choose to go ahead, this charge will be taken off your overall bill.

All of our work is backed by a 12-month John Lewis guarantee.

Estimated prices

Estimated prices are for planned home maintenance jobs that are generally more straightforward, such as replacements or leaks. Our estimated price is for a typical home, and shouldn’t be taken as a guaranteed price. Our trades will need to come to your property first and consider the condition and size of your job before giving you an accurate quote.

Your estimated price is an estimate of labour. It doesn’t include parts, parking charges, or any additional labour that may be needed. Your trade will discuss any price amendments with you and you’ll be asked to agree the amendment before any work goes ahead.



If your trade needs significant parts in order to complete the job, then these will be added to your price, and agreed with yourself beforehand.


Additional labour

If the job takes longer than we have estimated, or we find a larger issue than anticipated, then your trade will discuss extra charges with you.


Parking costs

If a parking permit is needed and one isn't available, this will be added to your original quote. Congestion charges are included in the original estimate.

Free quotes


We’ll always try to offer an estimated price.

However, free quotes are given for more complex jobs, when the tradesperson needs to visit your home to look at the problem before telling you how much it’ll cost.

If you are booked in for a quote job, and you decide to go ahead with the quote offered to you by the trade, this is the amount you’ll be charged and it won’t change.

Your quote is valid for 30 days from receipt.

If you decide not to go ahead, you won’t be charged. Please respond to the email outlining your quote and let us know why you don’t want to go ahead.